"A Family Affair..."  Since 1990
  • Blue Gainey's Dallas Doll -------------------------------------

    Blue Gainey's Dallas Doll
    2016 National Reserve Yearling Fullblood Doe
    Blue Gainey's Ding Dong-------------------------------------

    Blue Gainey’s Ding Dong
    Overall Reserve Grand Percentage Doe
    West Texas Fair
  • Blue Gainey's Bustin Out My Swag-------------------------------------

    Blue Gainey’s Bustin Out My Swag  
  • Blue Gainey's Be Joyful-------------------------------------------------

    Overall Reserve National  Grand Champion Fullblood Doe 2016  

    She is  a  American Pureblood out of
    Lazy S-T Rip Chord daughter and  our Doe of Excellence Lazy S-T Frosty’s Pride and Joy.
    Overall Reserve Grand Champion Full Blood Doe
    West Texas Fair
  • 4 U I-Cee--------------------------------------------------------------

    She has been a winner since her 1st showing and still at it.
  • Blue Gainey's Chepi----------------------------------------------------

    Blue Gainey’s Chepi...aka Carrie Underwood 
    She is Kailee’s percentage doe and what a doe she has made.  She is out of Blue Gainey’s Tuffy.
  • BECCS / Blue Gainey's Mini Frost--------------------------------------

    BECCS/ Blue Gainey’s Mini Frost she is a Lazy S-T Rip Chord and Dream Frost daughter another percentage doe of Kailee’s  
  • Blue Gainey's Bug a Boo------------------------------------------------

    Kailee showing Blue Gainey’s Bug a Boo, a Cuger daughter and Blue Gainey’s Yocosta.  
  • Lazy S-T Dream Frost---------------------------------------------------

    Becca and Lazy S-T Dream Frost
    Grand Sr Percentage Doe at the JABGA National Show
  • Cookie-------------------------------------------------------------------

    Kailee and "Ya Want a Cookie"
    Grand Champion Bred& Owned Percentage Doe
  • Allspice-------------------------------------------------------------------

    Kailee and Grand Champion
    Bred and Owned Full Blood Doe
    2013 JABGA National show
  • Allspice----------------------------------------------------------------

    Kailee and Blue Gainey's Allspice , they were the Reserve Yearling grand at the Houston Jr show
    Overall Grand Champion Doe
    Open show
    Blue Gainey's Allspice
    Star of Texas Show in Austin 2013
    Kailee and Allspice
    Grand yearling full blood doe in the jr show

  • Blue Gainey's Yocasta------------------------------------------------

    Reserve Grand Champion Full Blood Doe at Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo in 2011
  • Blue Gainey's Jamie Joy------------------------------------------------
    Total of 164 points so far.
    Overall Grand Champion at San Antonio, TX
    Sr Reserve Grand Full Blood Doe at Ft Worth
    Overall Grand Of the West Texas Fair
    Reserve Grand Full Blood Doe on day 2
    Colorado State Fair
    Reserve JR Champion - Houston Show.

    She is the daughter of Joy and a American Pureblood doe. She has several wins under her belt.
  • Lazy-S-T Frosty's Pride N Joy------------------------------------------
    Purchased from Lazy S-T Ranch
    They start as Joy was a young doe kid and all thru the past several years.

    Kailee's "Frosty's Pride N Joy" she was the Overall Reserve Grand Percentage Doe
    Sophia standing in for Kailee, Kailee was also the Premier Breeder of the Jr. Show
    Lazy S-T Frosty's Pride n Joy another doe I bought from Randy and Cindi Dusek( I sold them this does mother in 2003 ). IN the Houston Open Show she was the Grand Percentage Yearling Doe, then Overall Grand Percentage Doe then we went back in for the Houston Overall Grand Goat and we she was the Overall Reserve Grand Goat. She is shown by My grand daughter Kailee Jo Jones. She was the Res. Grand Percentage Jr Doe at Ft Worth.

  • Lazy S-T Frosty Morn----------------------------------------------------
    Purchased from Lazy S-T Ranch
    Kailee's young percentage doe "Frosty Morn". who was the Overall Grand Champion Percentage Doe

  • Zoey's Goat-------------------------------------------------------------
    "Zoey's Goat"  she was the Res. Grand Percentage Jr Doe both days at the Big Country Goat Producers Open show.  She is out of a 2002 doe I raised then bought back this past Nov. 
  • Lucky Lady------------------------------------------------------------
    Reserve Sr Grand % Doe this year at the 2012 ABGA National Show, as well as at 2012 JABGA National Show

    Division Reserve Grand at Ft Worth 2012

    Reserve Grand Percentage Doe at Houston

    Caitlin and Blue Gainey's Lucky Lady and she was the JR Grand Percentage doe  both days in the Open Big country show

  • I Choose U---------------------------------------------------------------
    he is co-owned by Tracie Blagrave of Knott, TX  
    Reserve Grand Yearling Doe at Tri State Fair In Amarillo, TX
    and again at the Lubbock, Tx Fair.
  • Spice---------------------------------------------------------------------
    A Topbrass *Ennobled* X DSM 8B110 "Bea" *Ennobled*
    Shown by Kailee Jones at 4 1/2 Reserve Grand Champion Doe
    2nd Place in the 18-24 Month Class - Houston Livestock


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