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  • 2012--------------------------------------------------------------------
    Sophie and her wether for 2012

  • 2010--------------------------------------------------------------------
    Caitlin and her wether that she placed 7th at Austin. 


  • Taylor County Livestock Show 2010------------------------------------
    Caitlin McKeehan’s eyes brimmed with tears of joy as she received hugs and congratulations from friends and family Thursday afternoon at the Taylor County Horse Barn.

    In her hands she held a small black box containing a silver belt buckle, the prize awarded for Goat Showmanship at the Taylor County Livestock Show.

    “I would rather win this award than have the Grand Champion in any breed,” the Merkel High School sophomore said.

    The prize for showmanship represented hours and hours of practice this season, and years of watching and learning from others. While most of the livestock show is dedicated to judging the animals, it is the students and their ability to show off an animal for the judges that is on display during the showmanship rounds.

    Students lead their animals around the ring and position them in certain ways, working to make sure the judges can easily see all the things they need to see to make their decision.

    About a month before the show, Caitlin starts working with her animals, helping them get used to being led with a harness and being handled by the judges. Gaining skills in showmanship is definitely worth all the effort, Caitlin says. At major shows, it is not unusual for a judge to pass over a superior animal just because it was not shown well. When competing in a class with 100 other animals, every bit of competitive edge counts.


     Caitlin won the Reserve Grand Light Weight w/ this wether  Kailee placed well with her wethers for the 1st time showing and made the sale which that was our goal for this year
  • 2009--------------------------------------------------------------------
    This is Cole, he was the Grand at his show and also won Showmanship

  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Freightrain wether-----------------------------------------------------

  • Freightrain wether-----------------------------------------------------

  • Louie--------------------------------------------------------------------
    Freightrain kid

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